Best QTest – QASymphony Competitors and Alternatives 

Finding the most suitable test management platform for your team is important. You need to find one that works for you and what you need to do to accomplish your goals efficiently, effectively, and on time. QTest – QASymphony is just one option for test management among the many other great Test Case Management Systems available in the market.

As a starting point, let’s look at QTest – QASymphony and what it brings to the table.   

About QTest – QASymphony   

QASymphony is a leading agile software company that provides test case management and exploratory testing solutions to development and QA teams to efficiently and effectively manage their QA processes. It also provides tools to help teams plan, track, and execute their testing efforts. Companies can achieve better software through QASymphony’s QTest Platform by enhancing testing speed, efficiency, collaboration, and analysis.   

Furthermore, you can visualize the progress and quality of your software tests through test coverage reports and custom metrics. As an added benefit, it allows you to streamline the testing process and connect teams in one place.   


  • Conduct manual and exploratory testing as well as automated testing.  
  • Provide centralized management for commercial test automation tools and open source frameworks.  
  • Has robust test execution feature to efficiently manage test cases, suites, and test runs.
  • Has a comprehensive test management solution that helps organizations manage the entire testing operation from start to finish.   
  • Real-time analysis and measurement of test metrics 
  • It can easily configure workflows that trigger updates across Agile and DevOps tools.   
  • It integrates with popular development tools, such as JIRA, Jenkins, and Selenium, to provide a complete test management solution.


It starts at $1,000 per user per year, billed annually.  

Competitors and Alternatives: Key Criteria   

When choosing the best QTest – QASymphony competitor for your team, it’s important to evaluate each against a few key criteria.  

Ease of Use

How easy is it to get started with and use the platform? Is it intuitive? Are many steps involved in setting up tests or managing results?  


What features and capabilities make the platform offer? Does it have all the features you need to manage your QA process effectively? 


How much does the platform cost?
Is it affordable for your team? Does it offer a free trial or discount for signing up?   


Top 4 Best QASymphony Competitors and Alternatives   

Choosing the QTest – QASymphony platform may not be the right fit for some teams. A few QTest- QASymphony competitors on the market could provide better options.   

Each of these competitors has unique features and capabilities that may better suit your team’s needs. Let us look at the best QTest – QASymphony competitors and alternatives today.  

AccelaTest – Easiest and Cheapest QTest Alternative

AccelaTest is a free web-based fully-featured test case management tool. It allows you to manage the whole testing lifecycle through an intuitive UI. From documenting test suites to writing test cases and finally executing and reporting across multiple test runs, AccelaTest has you covered. For a complete list of features, check out our tour.

Free cloud-based features of AccelaTest include:

  • Create as many Projects as your program needs.
  • Unleash the power of data-driven scenarios with flexible test step and test case parameterization.
  • Document your test scenarios in either Traditional Action/Expected Result or BDD Test Scenarios.
  • Quickly build your test bed with reusable shared steps.
  • Import and export your test scenarios.
  • Execute your test cases in an intuitive test runner.
  • Test against your various environments.
  • Effortlessly report results related to your testing cycle.
  • Integrate with Jira and other third-party tools.
  • Build tester teams to collaborate your testing efforts efficiently.

Pricing starts from $0/month.

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KIWI TCMS – Best Self-Hosted QASymphony Alternative

Kiwi TCMS is an open-source test management system and Jira-integrated. It’s web-based and very user-friendly, with great documentation. With Kiwi TCMS, you can create and manage test cases and track and organize your testing process. Many agile teams use Kiwi TCMS as a productivity booster and as part of their quality assurance process to deliver high-quality software. With a mission to improve engineering productivity and participation in testing. This is a great option for experimentation, small teams, and ease of use during upgrades.  


Gurock’s TestRail is a popular test management tool that integrates with Jira. It has many features, such as creating and managing test cases, tracking testing progress, and reporting results. It also has a great community support forum and great documentation. Its easy-to-use interface allows collaboration between departments within a company while keeping track of your progress in real-time.   

Zephyr – Best QASymphony Alternative for Jira Users

Zephyr is another Jira-integrated test management tool. It has many features, such as test case creation and management, requirements management, and execution. It also has a mobile app for tracking progress on the go. Zephyr has an intuitive interface that makes getting started easy.   

Additionally, it provides robust collaboration and reporting features. It can also help you improve your testing processes’ speed, quality, and efficiency. Zephyr is an engaging and comprehensive test management solution that can be customized to meet the needs of any team size.   You may check the pricing here.


There you have it! These are the best QTest – QASymphony competitors out there. While all of them have their own unique set of features, they all excel in test management in one way or another. These three tools will be a great choice if you’re looking for an alternative to QTest -QASymphony.   

You may find one of them more suitable for your team’s needs. Evaluate each option carefully to make the best decision for your team. This will help your team meet all their unique business requirements while working efficiently and effectively with each other.