API Testing Made Simple

✓ Efficiently manage test bed
✓ Boost project productivity
✓ Get real-time endpoint monitoring
✓ Easily Create Automated API Tests
✓ Simply effective load testing

Free Test case management is forever free allowing you to efficiently manage, track, collaborate, and organize your test efforts. See features >

Unified Test Management

Partner with stakeholders on test cases, plans, and execution.

Easily Track Results

Execute tests and track results in real-time.

Comprehensive Reporting

Reports, metrics, and real-time notifications at your fingertips.

Lightning Fast Testing

Run your functional tests in parallel without infrastructure hassle.

Increased Productivity

Boost productivity by automating repetitive data prep.

Scalable and Customizable

Highly customizable test bed can be executed against each environment thrown at it.

Global Monitoring

Ensure a great API experience worldwide.

Seamless Integration

Integrate with the tools you already are using.

Automate Manual Tests​​

AccelaTest empowers manual testers to create automated tests without requiring them to write a line of code. API Automation can be extremely challenging for manual testers to perform, but AccelaTest’s intuitive web-based user interface makes it simple to create automated test cases, manage their execution, and coordinate the entire testing process.

Easily create manual tests, automated API tests, API monitoring, API payload validation, and performance tests with AccelaTest without the need to configure complex infrastructure. The use of APIs has increased exponentially in the last 10 years, has your organization’s testing of them increased? Let us help!

AccelaTest makes it easy to automate manual test cases
AccelaTest Test Runner

Flexible Test Execution

AccelaTest can handle a multitude of test types that teams depend on to deliver dependable software. Whether it be performance tests, functional API tests, monitoring endpoints, or manual tests, AccelaTest can cover them all.

Team members can be notified instantly an issue is detected by multiple means.

Automate With Ease

Create Traditional Test Case

Create test cases in a format teams are already used to.

Automate Steps

Automation Engineers automate common steps and individual steps of test cases.

Execute Tests

Execute tests either with the manual runner or set automated tests to execute on a schedule.