The AccelaTest Story

Here at AccelaTest, our focus is your number one focus: delivering quality software. Often delivering quality software again and again is tough. Much of this challenge is due to the current landscape of API testing automation tools. Many of these tools are archaic and painful for a manual tester to learn and use. This is why we set out to build a modern API test automation solution.

AccelaTest is the modern test automation tool that allows manual testers to continue doing what they love doing: writing test cases. At the same time, it allows automation engineers to continue doing what they are passionate about: writing automation code. AccelaTest joins both practices to smoothly automate tests. AccelaTest automatically turns manual tests into automated API testing, enabling teams to deliver higher quality software, in less time.

Testing Pyramid

AccelaTest Founding

Jacob Gunsolly has reasons why he founded AccelaTest. Firstly, the current offering of functional API automation tools were slow, prone to crashing, and resulted in duplication of efforts. Secondly, there has been a push to turn manual testers into automated testers, which is very challenging for all involved. Thirdly, there is much time wasted creating data for test scenarios when executing manual test cases.

Jacob knew there had to be a better way to enable manual testers to easily harness automation libraries and increase test coverage. All of these issues are resolved by creating a web-based test management tool that joined the manual and automated testing disciplines – and that is how AccelaTest started.

Some highlights

 Web-based test management tool
 Manual tester approved
 Automated API tester approved
 Trusted by organizations large and small