AccelaTest Release Roadmap

AccelaTest is continually under development. Currently, work is underway for Release 1.

Currently planned releases

Here is the roadmap of our current planned releases, updates, and links to their respective milestones. Any projected dates are for discussion and planning purposes. They will be firmed up as we get closer to release. We love hearing ideas on how AccelaTest can be enhanced. Reach out to If you have an idea that would help AccelaTest future updates.

1.0 Allow testers to create a project, add team members to the project, and begin writing test cases. The following features are included in this release update:
• Account Creation, User Management, Team Management
• Project Creation
• Test Case Creation – Manual Test Cases
Q2 2021

Allow testers to execute test cases. The following updates and features are included in this release:
• Test Runner: manually executing test cases and reporting results

Permit API routes to be created and managed. The following features are included in this release:
• Swagger file import
• Manual creation of routes
• API Authentication
Q2 2021

Q3 2021
2.1 Allow testers to write automated steps in their test case creation. The following updates are included in this release:
• Associate Routes to test cases and test steps
• Create code to manipulate requests and responses
• Run automated test steps sequentially within a test case
Q4 2021
Execute Automated API Tests. The following updates have been included in this release:
• Execute automated tests with the Immediate trigger
• Execute automated steps during manual test case execution
• Webhook to execute automated tests by submitting request to URL for existing UI based tests
Q4 2021
Automated execution of automated tests on a schedule or in a pipeline. The following features are included in this release update:
• Add automated test execution scheduler
• Implement executing suites from a build pipeline
Q1 2022
2.4 Permit non-public APIs to utilize AccelaTest. The following updates has been included in this release:
• Enable non-publicly accessible APIs to be tested 
Q1 2022