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Unified Test Case Management Tool

Create, manage, and track your manual and automated testing in a collaborative platform.


Access your test bed from anywhere in the world with only a browser.

Powerful Interface

Enjoy testing with a simple and highly productive test case management interface.

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Perfect for all testing approaches

   Any methodology: a great choice for any team from agile to waterfall, and everything in-between.
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  All test types: manage all test suites like Smoke, Regression, Adhoc, Functional, and Automated API Tests easily.
  Forever Free: Our Test Management Tool will always remain free. Our revenue comes from API Automation

AccelaTest makes it easy to automate manual test cases

Essential Features For Software Testers

AccelaTest is the only  Test Case Management Tool to offer this many features at no cost.

Budget Friendly

No breaking the budget with our no-cost Test Case Management Tool! AccelaTest’s revenue comes from API Automation.

Effective Test Case Management

Manage Projects, Environments, Releases, and Test Cases in the most efficient way in one repository.

Test Suite Management

Create and execute different test suites like Smoke, Regression, Functional, or Adhoc.

Powerful Reports

Generate smart reports to communicate status to project stakeholders.

Seamless Dashboards

Quickly see testing progress for all projects and releases.

Boost Productivity

Increase team velocity with free API Automation credits every month.

Maintenance Free

No expensive IT infrastructure to maintain. Everything is hosted in the cloud on our servers.

Role Based Security

Role based security comes standard to limit visibility levels.

Built By Testers

We share your passions: quality software, automation, and iterating on a great product.