how many test cases can you write in a day?

How Many Test Cases Can You Write In a Day?   

This question may have different answers for new and experienced testers. Determining how many test cases you can write in a day will depend on various factors, including the complexity and familiarity of the product.

If you are new to an industry, understanding the product and developing effective test cases may take longer. On the other hand, an experienced tester may be able to quickly assess the product and write more test cases in a day.   

Additionally, some testers may work faster on certain types of testing (e.g., functional vs. performance), while others may work slower.   

Overall, it’s essential to focus on writing thorough and effective test cases rather than how many you can write in a day. It’s important to note, however, that some teams and companies may have specific targets or quotas for the number of test cases they need to write every day. In these situations, it’s important to prioritize quality over quantity in your testing approach.   

How many test cases can you execute per day?   

The number of test cases you can write daily depends on several factors. Here is a short list for you:  

  • Requirement, complexity, and size of the application.   
  • Available resources for testing  
  • The functionality of the application.   
  • Experience with the application and testing.  
  • Time constraints or daily targets set by your team or company. If your team or company has set a daily target for test cases, that can also determine how many you can write in a day.  
  • Tester’s understanding and familiarity with the application and testing process.   

In writing test cases, it is vital to prioritize which tests should be executed first. Some may have a higher impact or be more critical to the project’s success. Therefore, you may focus on high-priority/high-risk areas first. Additionally, it may be more efficient to batch similar test cases together.   

Some forum users claim you can write 20-30 daily for normal test cases. For medium test cases, 10-15 per day, while for complex test cases, you can write 4-7 per day.  

How do you write test cases quickly?   

A few strategies can help make writing test cases more efficient.  

  1. Choose a user-friendly test management system that provides templates or other features to help automate some of your testing processes. AccelaTest TCMS meets all of these criteria and more, with a price starting at FREE.
  2. Make sure to have a clear understanding of the project requirements and goals.  
  1. Break down the requirements into smaller, more manageable chunks to make identifying and planning specific test cases easier.   
  1. Prioritizing the most important or impactful test cases can also help streamline the testing process.   
  1. Collaborating with other team members and constantly reviewing and updating test cases can also improve efficiency.   

Ultimately, the best way to write test cases quickly is through experience and practice in the testing process. However, it’s important to remember that even though writing test cases quickly is beneficial, it should not be at the expense of comprehensive testing. Quality should always be the top priority.  

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How many test cases are enough?   

enough test cases

As for the number of test cases, it depends on the specific project and how thorough the testing needs to be.

You need to continually review and update test cases as new information or changes in the project arise. A diverse range of test cases should be developed to thoroughly test all aspects of the project and ensure a high level of quality. It’s better to have too many comprehensive test cases than not enough.   

Remember that testing is an ongoing process, and new test cases may need to be developed as the project evolves. Therefore, there is yet to be a definitive answer for how many test cases are enough, as testing should continually be adapted and improved upon.  

Different Types of Test Cases   

The types of test cases can also affect how many you can write in a day. The test cases are functional, performance, unit, user interface, security, integration, database, and usability. Writing a performance test case may take longer and require more detail than a functionality test case. Security test cases may also take longer as they need a deeper level of understanding and analysis.   

Conclusion: Average count of Test Cases per day   

There is no set answer to how many test cases a tester can write in a day, as it varies based on the abovementioned factors. Therefore, always remember to prioritize quality over quantity in your testing approach.   

Related Question   

How much time does it take to write a test case?   

It also varies based on the project’s complexity and the required detail for the test case. It could take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours to write a single test case.   

How do you calculate the number of test cases?   

There is no specific formula for calculating the number of test cases. Ultimately, it depends on how complex and extensive the project is and how thoroughly it needs to be tested. 

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