Redmine Test Case Management

Redmine is a great tool for managing product backlogs and bug tracking, which it was designed to do. One area it falls short in is the ability to organize software testing efforts. Although there is no built-in Redmine test management solution, some teams adopt a Redmine server to be a test case management tool. However, adapting Redmine to manage the testing process is rarely the correct answer. The correctRead more

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Software Testing Solution: 5 Common Questions to Answer

A software testing solution is a critical part of systems development. Your business should understand the aspects, the methodologies, or the types of testing that best fit your needs. But, what is a test solution? This is a process in software development where your technical team eliminates problems and ensures quality. What problems would that be? Apps are: not working properly not providing value-added service to the business high-maintenanceRead more

Test Suite, Test Case, Test Plan, What’s the Difference?

A test case answers this question: What are you going to examine? You develop test cases to specify the situations you must confirm to make sure the software is working properly. A test suite is a basket of test cases grouped together for logical purposes. Test suites are designed to test an application and demonstrate it has some specified group of behaviors. A test suite usually contains step byRead more