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Free Test Case Template – Download the software test plan template excel

If you are looking for a software test plan template in Excel, look no further. Although we are not sure why you would desire to manage a project in Excel when there are so many great free test management systems, AccelaTest included. However, here is a free template you can download and use for your application testing needs. This template is easy to use and helps you keep track of all the essential details associated with application testing.   

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What is Test Case Template?   

A software test case template is a document that describes a set of test scenarios. It includes the test steps, expected results, and other important test data that help determine whether or not the software meets the intended requirements or functionality.

The best test case templates strike a healthy balance between the level of detail and conciseness. It should have enough information for the tester to understand what has to be tested, but not so much that it becomes overwhelming or difficult to navigate.

How to Use the Test Case Template?  

As a software test plan template, Excel can help streamline your software testing process and ensure all important details are accounted for.

By writing test cases in a standard format, you will reduce the time in understanding the case and avoid missing any critical steps during software testing. It also helps maintain a proper traceability matrix for the software project, which is crucial for software quality assurance.

You can simply enter your test requirements into the appropriate fields with a template. Then, use the template to create new test cases or modify existing ones.  

This template is a great way to get started with application testing and ensure that all your testing needs are met. Give it a try today!  

Example of a populated Free Test Case Template in Excel.

What Should be Included in a Test Case? Standard Fields of a Sample Test Case Template   

A test case should include the following information:  

Test Case Field Description
Test Case ID A unique identifier for the test case.  
Test Case Name A brief description of the testing scenario.  
Test Case Description A more detailed description of the testing scenario.  
Prerequisites Any software or hardware requirements must be met before the testing begins.  
Test Execution Steps The specific steps must be followed to execute the testing scenario.  
Expected Results The expected outcome of the testing scenario.  
Actual Test Result The actual outcome of the testing scenario.  
Pass/Fail Criteria The criteria will help determine whether the testing scenario has succeeded.  

View of a Test Case Template ready to be filled out.

You can easily track and manage your testing process with a test case template. This template is an essential tool for software testers who want to ensure that their applications meet all functional requirements.  

What Is the Purpose of a Test Case?   

A test case’s purpose is to verify an application’s functionality. By testing the application against the test cases, testers can identify any bugs or defects in the application.  

What Is the Difference between a Test Case and a Test Scenario?   

A test case is a specific testing scenario used to test an application. A test case contains more than just the executable steps. It also includes detailed information such as the software requirement being tested, any pre-conditions or setup steps needed before running the test, and expected results.

If you are a tester, you can check if the application is functioning by comparing its expected and actual results.

A test scenario is a more general term that can refer to any type of application testing.  It is a collection of test cases that are related to a specific software feature or functionality.

For example, in the software test plan template, excel can be used to create a software test scenario for login functionality, where multiple test cases can be created to test:

  • different user credentials,
  • error messages,
  • and password requirements.

You can ensure comprehensive testing of all software functionalities by creating software test scenarios and corresponding test cases.

Below is a test case template. Download our free software test plan template excel to easily create and track your software test cases. Start improving the efficiency of your software testing process today!

Test Case Use Cases   

Software test cases can be used to test the following applications:  

Web applications  
Mobile applications 
Desktop applications 
Cloud-based applications  

How to Write a Test Case?   

Test cases should be easy to understand and free of ambiguity. The following tips will help you write test cases that are effective and efficient:  

  1. Use a standard template. A software test case template can help you to write test cases that are easy to understand and follow. 
  2. Include all relevant information. Be sure to include all relevant information in your test case, such as the test steps, expected results, and pass/fail criteria.
  3. Be clear and concise. Do not use ambiguous terminology. Test cases should be easy to understand. Use simple language, and avoid using jargon and abbreviations, or acronyms.
  4. Make sure they are repeatable. Test cases should be repeatable to be used to verify the application’s functionality in the future.  

Pitfalls of Using Excel Sample Template for your Test Case Management System

Although an Excel software testing template can be a helpful tool, it is important to be aware of the potential pitfalls many teams experience when trying to scale with it. The pitfalls are plentiful so be sure to watch for them:

  • Different File Versions: One of the most frustrating things software testers experience is working with different file versions. It can be difficult to track which software tester has which version of the software testing template.
  • Inconsistent Data: Another problem software testers face is dealing with inconsistent data. When software testers use different Excel templates, they may inadvertently leave out important information or include incorrect information.
  • Difficult to Share: software testers may find it difficult to share their software testing template with others on their team. This is because the software testing template is often stored locally on each software tester’s computer.
  • Not Scalable: software testers may find that their Excel software testing template is not scalable. As the software testing team grows, the software testing template may become difficult to manage.

If you do dare to use an Excel software testing template, be sure to avoid these potential pitfalls. What is the better solution? Use a software application designed specifically for software test case management instead. This will save you time and frustration in the long run.

Recommended Tools   

There are many software applications available that can help software testers effectively manage their software testing process. Here are some software test case management tools that we recommend:

#1. AccelaTest


AccelaTest is a free web-based fully-featured test case management tool. It allows you to manage the whole testing lifecycle through an intuitive UI. From documenting test suites to writing test cases and finally executing and reporting across multiple test runs, AccelaTest has you covered. For a complete list of features, check out our tour.

Free cloud-based features of AccelaTest include:

  • Create as many Projects as your program needs.
  • Unleash the power of data-driven scenarios with flexible test step and test case parameterization.
  • Document your test scenarios in either Traditional Action/Expected Result or BDD Test Scenarios.
  • Quickly build your test bed with reusable shared steps.
  • Import and export your test scenarios.
  • Execute your test cases in an intuitive test runner.
  • Test against your various environments.
  • Effortlessly report results related to your testing cycle.
  • Integrate with Jira and other third-party tools.
  • Build tester teams to collaborate your testing efforts efficiently.

Pricing starts from $0/month.

#2. TestRail  

TestRail by Gurock Software is a web-based test case management application that can be used to write, manage, and track test cases. It makes tracking test results simple and easy.

#3. Practitest  

PractiTest is a SaaS-based end-to-end test case management platform that ensures full quality coverage with the entire QA process. It is suitable for any testing methodology, from traditional to DevOps. Also, it allows users to centralize all aspects of their testing process in one place.   

#4. Zephyr  

Zephyr is a test management tool that enables users to manage, execute, and track test cases. It also provides real-time insights into the testing procedure.  


By using a test plan template, you can easily track and manage your software testing process and ensure it is efficient and effective. Start creating your test cases today with our free templates!