How to Write Test Cases for Calculator Application in Software Testing

  In this how-to, we will walk through how to write test cases for calculator in software testing. Many applications use calculations and calculator test cases can be a pretty common interview question. Some examples of applications include purchasing on eCommerce websites, calculating how much money is owed to a worker, and putting satellites into space. As a result, creating test cases for calculator in software testing applies toRead more

Best Free Test Case Management Tools in 2022

Test management solutions can be a complex discipline because of all the communication, coordination, documentation, and tools involved. However, software testers can use free test case management tools to make their lives easier and deliver better software. These testing tools can be used as an alternative to purchasing licenses and are often more helpful than traditional spreadsheets for managing tests. Each QA team works differently, and each person hasRead more

The Ultimate Guide to the Advantages and Disadvantages of Software Testing

If you are a software tester, you already know the importance of testing techniques in software testing. However, do you know what the advantages and disadvantages of Software Testing are? They help to check whether we get the expected outcomes from a software system. Understanding the benefits and drawbacks of software testing and these techniques will assist you in boosting the software quality of your application quickly. So areRead more

manual testing vs automation testing

Manual Testing vs. Automation Testing: Which is best for your project?

Software testing is typically categorized as Manual Testing and Automation Testing based on how performance of the testing. Automation Testing vs. Manual Testing remains a hot discussion topic among software testers. Both these testing processes have unique advantages, disadvantages, and use cases. This article will give you a thorough understanding of manual and Automation Testing. What is Manual Testing?  Manual Testing occurs when a team member manually navigates throughRead more

Ultimate Guide to Black and White Box Testing

Black Box testing and White Box testing are two types of software testing techniques popular among testers. Black Box testing is executed without accessing the code base and without knowing how the software application works. In other words, understanding the software architecture, including front-end, backend, and middleware is not needed to perform Black Box testing. White Box testing is the complete opposite of Black Box testing. To perform WhiteRead more

The Ultimate Guide to Scalability Testing

Scaling your software application as user demand grows is vital for all software applications. Organizations must take the required steps to foster the best user experience by optimizing infrastructure costs using scalability testing. You will also learn about scalability testing needs, the purpose of scalability testing, scalability testing types, preconditions for scalability testing, the scalability testing features, how to perform scalability testing, and the advantages and disadvantages of scalabilityRead more

Test Plan vs Test Strategy

Both test plan and test strategy are required elements for the Quality Assurance (QA) processes we execute during the software testing phase. Both of these documents are part of the QA Best Practices. However, the test plan and the test strategy are not always interchangeable. Therefore, depending on our testing requirements, we need to identify the exact element used.   How do you know whether you need a testRead more

Redmine Test Case Management

Redmine is a great tool for managing product backlogs and bug tracking, which it was designed to do. One area it falls short in is the ability to organize software testing efforts. Although there is no built-in Redmine test management solution, some teams adopt a Redmine server to be a test case management tool. However, adapting Redmine to manage the testing process is rarely the correct answer. The correctRead more

Improve Your Project’s Future Prospects with Capacity Testing

The industry statistics say that 40% of users abandon a site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. And when it comes to eCommerce websites, even a delay of one second can cost businesses more than $250,000 annually. Additionally, 79% of users never return to a website when the website’s performance is slow. With the increase of internet users, amount of data, and speed it moves, theRead more

Software Testing Best Practices

Software testing best practices must be used when products are updated constantly to improve their performance and functionalities. Software testing has been imperative not only during the first development phase but also throughout maintenance. Therefore, your team needs to have a proper testing strategy that works in all circumstances. Thus, we need to follow software testing best practices to make Quality Assurance effective. There are many advantages to QualityRead more